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Community of Professionals

MetaDynamics is a community of professional practitioners … a talented and diverse team of individuals with varied in-depth experiences and perspectives.  More than a group of twenty-four individual consultants working under one name, our community learns together, thinks together, creates together and practices together forming a complete network of resources available to serve the unique needs of our client organizations.  

Our community includes experienced subject matter experts, instructional designers, meeting facilitators, organizational consultants, classroom trainers and executive coaches. Collectively, we have over 500 years of professional experience in manufacturing, technology, financial services, automotive, healthcare, transportation, engineering, pharma, insurance, telecommunications, energy, government, education and non-profit organizations.

Our talent base is well versed in business knowledge and professional leadership experience. All our consultants, trainers, and coaches have led an internal HR, Training, or Organization Development function for a major corporation and have owned and operated their own service business. Integrating our practical business knowledge with our clients’ business priorities and practices bring a high level of relevance and applicability to our engagements.

We use a multitude of highly interactive, innovative, and effective learning and change management methodologies in all our work in order to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement.  Our business success has been built on our dedication to providing leading-edge adult learning in its many forms and venues. 

Our community of professionals is dispersed in eleven major geographical locations in both the US and Mexico. We also collaborate with a network of professional consultants and coaches in the European Union. 


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