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Evolution of Leadership Thinking

With the evolution of business over time, new possibilities emerge; unprecendented challenges arise; and the capacities required to lead shift. Understanding and aligning these three elements is the work of leaders today.

The Evolution of Leadership Consciousness Model provides a simple way for an individual, team or organization to understand the interelationship of the levels of thinking - linear, breakthrough, relational and holistic - in the three dimensions - view of challenges, definition of success, capacities needed - and the impact on their ability to achieve the results they desire.

We use this model with leaders and their teams to help them assess the various levels of thinking and capacities they are bringing to their business strategy and challenges; understand the impact on their performance; and convene powerful conversations to build the ability to operate together at the right levels at the right times.

Insights and questions from some of our workshop participants include:

"My team views challenges at a relational level - seeing the patterns of what has and hasn't worked over time, yet we continue to use our problem solving 'fix-it' skills on each issue separately. We can't innovate with this kind of approach"

"Does everyone on the leadership team need to be a holistic thinker? Some members are best at an analytic - 'linear' level of thinking."

"Individuals on our team really try to have open, honest - 'breakthrough' kinds of conversations. As a team, however, we get defensive and uncomfortable and retreat into managing our own areas as best we can."

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